Why call The Auto Pro in Newark, Ohio if you need a your vehicles brakes replaced?

All Repairs 12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty!

*New Part Installation Only!

Everyone needs a car to get around. Cars make it easy to get from one place to the next. A working car allows people to get to work, get home and do all sorts of errands. Any car has to be in good working order to function effectively. If something goes wrong with the car, the results can be catastrophic. This is particularly true of the car's brakes. They stop the car. If the brakes aren't working, the occupants of the car can be in big danger. A problem with the car's brakes is an emergency. It must be dealt with as soon as possible. Working with those at The Auto Pro in Newark, Ohio can help immediately. They'll get to your problem with the brakes and fix it.

Fast Service

Fast service is crucial when it comes to your car. Your car cannot be left with brakes that are not functional. You can't drive a car if the brakes are not in good working order. Those at The Auto Pro know this very well. That is why they offer the kind of immediate assistance you're going to need to get your car back on the road and your brakes fixed as soon as possible. They'll spring into action and be at your service very quickly. You can always bring your car to the company if you think you're having an issue with the brakes. They know what to do and how to get it done in very short order.

Lots of Experience

Another advantage of working with those at The Auto Pro is having skilled and experienced people at your service. Brakes are very complicated. Each moving part can break down when you're not expecting it. That is why this is one company that can come to the rescue. They'll help with all aspects of brake repair. You know you're in the right hands when you visit this space. They have been working on all kinds of brakes for a long time. That means they are very familiar with many type of cars. They know just how to handle your car's brakes no matter the car's make or model. You're working with skilled people who care about what they do in every way.

So Easy

It's so easy to work with The Auto Pro. All you have to do is get in touch with them. They'll be there to help with anything you might need. If your brakes are having troubles, they can spot the problems with them. They'll come up with a solution to get you back on the road in no time. You have a group of people who understand what you need and know how to make sure you're going to get it. That is why this is one company that those in Newark, Ohio trust. They know this is a reliable, skilled company, ready to be at your service as quickly as needed. This is one company you can count on to fix your brakes.


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You can make an appointment by calling (740) 345-4930 or by filling out the form below. The Auto Pro of Newark is an option that will help you with your auto needs.

If you notice these issues while driving, bring your car or truck to The Auto Pro as soon as possible:

  • Brake warning light appears and stays on
  • Grinding or squealing noise when braking
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when braking
  • Needing longer distances to brake
  • Brake pedal needs extra pressure and is slow to respond

At The Auto Pro, we offer comprehensive service, including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Brake fluid flushing and exchange
  • Drum and rotor resurfacing
  • Hardware replacement
  • Drum and parking brake cleaning
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) repair
  • And more

To schedule brake service for your vehicle, call The Auto Pro at (740) 345-4930.