Why call The Auto Pro if you think you may be having an issue with your vehicle's transmission ?

If you are having difficulties with your automotive transmission, you must have it repaired quickly. Your life and safety rely upon the integrity of the transmission and its ability to transfer power on demand. Slipping transmissions can lead to fatal accidents on the congested and high-paced roads of today. Just imagine trying to pull out from a dead stop and getting stuck in the middle of the maneuver when traffic is zooming in your direction. If you wait too long to pull out, you may be waiting all day to merge with traffic.

Nowadays, a transmission doesn't have to be slipping before the need to replace it arises. Transmissions are being controlled by lots of electronic and computer technologies. These can cause hard shifting, delayed shifts, and other performance problems that make it difficult to drive the vehicle. If you are encountering any problems with your transmission, it is important to call The Auto Pro in Licking County, Ohio, for expert assistance.

There are many occasions when you don't need to entirely replace the transmission. You may simply need a new filter, new gasket new solinoids, new temperature sensor, or a fluid flush. You may even need coputer updates on the firmware or other coding carried out to reset shift points and other cofigurations.

The Auto Pro works on imports and domestic vehicles. Our experienced automotive service technicians take great pride in their work and have both the tools and training to work on all makes and models. Whether you have an SUV, truck, car, or crossover, our shop is prepared to handle the job and to diagnose the problems with accuracy. Best of all, we strive to complete repairs as quickly as possible to eliminate the need for car rentals and other alternative transportation plans.

You don't want to jump into a replacement job when the transmission is mechanically sound but has a problem with the wiring or controllers. Because only the most elite diagnostic tools can access manufacturer-specific computer fault codes in the TCM (Transmission Control Module), it is always best to bring your vehicle to The Auto Pro for a full diagnostic.


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