Why call the Auto Pro if your car or truck needs a new transmission in Newark, Ohio?

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The transmission is one of the biggest problems to affect drivers. Not being able to shift gears easily or drive smoothly is a nuisance. And trying to ignore the problem or trying to fix it in the garage will make matters worse. Here is why it's important to call Auto Pro after discovering something wrong with the transmission.

Transmission Cannot Be Done on One's Own

Most do-it-yourself car repairs involve simple tasks and easy-to-remove parts. Most drivers can handle changing the oil or fixing dents in the doors. But replacing the entire transmission is not a task that anyone should handle on his or her own. In addition, most drivers don't even know what a transmission is or where it's located in the vehicle.

Replacing the Transmission Is a Major Challenge

To replace the transmission, it's necessary to remove the old one, and both tasks are difficult and not guaranteed to go as smoothly as planned. Auto experts say that an advanced, wide-spanning knowledge of cars or trucks is recommended for the task.

It's necessary to remove battery cables, wheels, axles and other parts. There is also some dangerous contact with electrical components. A series of complicated steps must be completed before the old transmission is removed, and any step can go wrong. That's why having a professional handle the task is recommended.

Not Replacing the Transmission Becomes a Bigger Challenge

To save money, many drivers choose not to replace the damaged transmission at all. This inaction makes driving more difficult for them now and in the future. It becomes a challenge just to shift gears or the gears may not shift at all. Over time, it becomes harder to drive the car straight or prevent the car from shaking while it's moving.

Auto Pro Is the Most Reliable Source for Used Car or Truck Repair

For more than 20 years, Auto Pro has provided auto sales, repairs and maintenance work for the residents of Newark, Ohio. The business is licensed, insured and bonded to serve the local community and surrounding areas. Any driver in need of a new transmission should contact their office right away.


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