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Tires are one of the car's components that wears out the most because they get into direct contact with the road, and that's why performing regular tire maintenance is essential. Performing routine tire services as recommended by the manufacturer can help extend the service life of your tires, but they'll ultimately wear out and need replacement. Proper tire assessment, selection, and installation ensure the stability and safety of your motor vehicle. At The Auto Pro, we offer top-notch, affordable tire services in Newark, Ohio, and neighboring areas. Trust our team of tire experts to replace your next set of tires. Having your tires replaced will help ensure a safer, enjoyable ride and improved car performance.

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Performing regular car maintenance extends the service life of your tires and ensures the efficiency of your automobile. Always check the manual to confirm the correct size to fit your car. Make sure you purchase tires in sets of four or matching sets of two on every axle. This helps keep the natural wear and tear even and prolongs the lifespan of the new tires. Our mechanics will help you pick the right tires for your car. Go through our vast stock of new tires and compare features and prices before buying to ensure you get the best tires that fit your budget and meet your needs.

What Does The Auto Pro Offer in Its Tire Replacement Services?

At The Auto Pro, we have skilled and experienced mechanics who install new tires professionally to ensure you feel confident while driving. Our tire replacement services consist of:
• Inspecting if the lug nuts have worn out
• Mounting new valve stems
• Installing the tires
• Proper wheel balancing
• Examining the clearance of the disc brake caliper
• Determining the distance between tires, calipers, and rims to check potential issues
• Tightening lugs to the right torque

When do you need to replace your tires?

You should consider replacing your tires if:
• You got old tires- 6 years and older
• You notice uneven tread wear
• The tread is below 4/32," or the tires fail the "penny" test
• You notice bumps, bulges, or soft spots on your tire
• You notice significant tire damage that cannot get fixed
• You see cracks, cuts, or punctures

Why Call The Auto Pro For Tire Replacement Services?

In Newark, Ohio, and surrounding areas, we are known for exceptional automotive services. We follow the most professional approach to offer top-notch services to our clients. Before recommending tire replacement, we inspect the condition of your tires based on the manufacturer's requirements. Depending on the examination results, we either repair the tire or suggest a replacement if we determine the tires are unsafe or are impending the minimum standards for tread wear. Our tire experts will carefully do their job to ensure you get a lasting solution to your problems.

When it's time to get new tires, reach out to The Auto Pro, your reliable tire replacement experts in Newark, Ohio, to allow our tire experts to guide you in the selection of the best tires. We offer exceptional services that guarantee 100% satisfaction. Book your appointment today.


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